Academics Rules

Rules for the discipline

Every student should regularly carry with him/her the school diary. The school uniform is to be worn on all school days and for all school functions. Parents should see that their son does not wear the uniform outside the school when he is at home or else where. All students must have their Identity cards with them. All students must be their seats before the teacher’s enters the class. During the absence of teacher the monitor of the class responsible for maintaining discipline must be obeyed. Students should take care of school property. They should not write or Scratch on darks, chairs walls or doors of the school nor should they damage property belonging to others. Any damage done to the school property must be remitted by the…….. A student who misbehaves in the school bus will be debarred from using the same. Boy’s hair should be neatly trimmed. Girl’s students should not wear ornaments they are not allowed to use Grow long nails. Students should follow all the rules in the market as school. If you meet any teacher’s then you should give respect to them as a polite manner, Healthy living.

Get up early in the morning and go to bed early.
Take a bath every day. Wear clean clothes.
Brush your teeth twice a day.
Exercise every day.
Eat a balanced diet.
Avoid junk foods like choc late, ice-cream, chips and soft drinks.
Drink 8-10 glasses of water every day.
Always wash your hands with soap after coming from toilet.
Have some wholesome hobby.
Have a positive attitude in life.
Eat slowly, do not make a noise.
Keep the napkin on your lap.
Start eating only when others too have begun.
Don’t make a noise with your fork or spoon.
Fold your napkin and place it on the table, when you have finished your meal.
Remain at the table till everyone has finished.
Never waste food.