Managing Director Message

There could be many definitions of School, but at the end, it is how we perceive a school in our mind that matters. Daffodils is a school which is highly organized yet simple, pure and balanced in the form of a society where children proactively participate in associative life in order to develop their personal and social worth to the greatest extent while having a progressive socialistic outlook towards the society at large.
Daffodils in itself is a world of its own where all of us share responsibility, respect individual rights, develop brotherly sympathy and practice voluntary co-operation.
I would like to extend my personal gratitude to you for choosing Daffodils and I give you a very warm welcome to the Daffodils Family.

Dr. Kaushalendra Raghuwanshi
Daffodils Public School

Principal Message

Daffodils Public School is a place where value-based education is given due direction in the form of result-oriented learning. It is our firm belief that education is much more than merely the academical aspect of it. At Daffodils, education is about imbibing the right values so that when the time comes, our children have the ability, courage and determination to do the right thing. In order to accomplish this feat, we take leverage of interesting co-curricular activities which not only entertain the children but also help them learn complex concepts rather quickly.
We at Daffodils Public School create conducive and students friendly environment where students enjoy their stay, we also make all the efforts to ensure proper development of cognitive, affective and psychomotor aspects of students behaviour.
No matter where your child has had his/her previous education, at Daffodils, our staff respects that works with you to make the transition process as easy and smooth as possible. So that, on the first day of school your child feels as comfortable at Daffodils as he/she feels at home.
I am looking forward to see your child become a part of Daffodils Family.

Sarveshwar Pathak
Daffodils Public School