Our Traditions

In our school we take pride in the following traditions:-
Always be gentle and kind to one another, in and out of school.
Never be vulgar in talks and behavior.
Be willing to accept whatever work is assigned as your rightful share.
Be polite, friendly and courteous to any visitor in the school premises.
Be careful to rise when any teacher or visitor enters or passes through any room in which he/she happens to be.
Always be truthful, courteous, kind, obedient, smiling and pure in body as well as in mind, whatever be the cost.
Be careful to respect the liberty and the rights of others.
Be careful to maintain situations, hygiene, the beauty of the school and premises and to resport the damage which you may observe.
Be careful about dropping papers in the school premises and be ready to pick up any such paper dropped by others and drop them in the near by dustbin.
Always be quick to learn and observe good manners maintain sportsman spirit and avoid unfair means.