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Advance Libraries

The library at Daffodils is divided into 2 sections, one is the main library and the other is an especially designed library for K.G. children. The objective of having a separate library for K.G. children is to help them widen their horizons at a very early age. The senior library has each and every book that a young mind would want on subjects ranging from astronomy to botany. Moreover, for +2 students, there is a separate reference section with audio-visual aids. If this is not enough, the school has subscribed with major newspapers, magazines and academic journals to keep the students updated on the latest happenings across the world in various different fields.


EDUPLUS is a one of a kind Audio-Visual education enhancement software designed in partnership by prominent educationalists and information technology experts to stimulate and enrich the teaching/learning process and encourage the students to learn, absorb, retain and recall their lessons easily and effectively. It’s lucid presentation style combined with exhaustive content and comprehensive structure combined with coverage for all classes and subjects based on CBSE guidelines and syllabus makes it one of the best and effective teaching aid and tool of the modern era.


For every subject including computer science, physics, chemistry and biology, Daffodils has a separate, well-equipped, furnished, spacious and well-ventilated laboratories. In order to help students, learn by doing, dedicated and well-trained laboratory staff are there at all times to aid students through their experiments in the laboratories. Since its inception, Daffodils has focused immensely on the process of nurturing the child through a 360 Degree value-based result-oriented program in which all round development of the child takes the center stage. In order to accomplish this feat, everyone at Daffodils ensures that each and every student gets maximum attention so as to create an environment which is both intellectually stimulating as well culturally engaging.